Do you support a new trail by the Riggs Road Crossing?

This is the word we have from MDOT so far on trying to install a trail on the public utility Right of Way near the Riggs Road crossing.

A bonus, however, I have added your request for a trail across the powerline property connecting Riggs Road to Fordham Road to a list of needed bicycling connections for a new trails program that MDOT is now leading. If you have any information pertaining to this project in terms of research done, stakeholders that have been involved in conversations or have done any sort of investigation into the location, emails that people have sent in support of it, etc. please forward that stuff to me as it will help with the development of the project. If any work has been done so far it would be great to know about as we can possibly help advance those efforts forward.,+Maryland&ll=38.980301,-76.983918&spn=0.005655,0.017263&t=h&z=14&vpsrc=6&output=embed
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 We need members of the Langley Park and Campus Community to write in letters of support for this project.

Please direct letters to :

Dustin M. Kuzan

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

Office of Planning and Preliminary Engineering

Maryland State Highway Administration

707 N. Calvert St, Baltimore, MD  21202

Tel: 410-545-5656

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