What about those abandoned bikes?

To maintain as many campus bicycle parking spaces as possible, DOTS partners with Residential Facilities, Facilities Management and Campus Recreation Services to remove abandoned bikes from racks. Many students just leave their bikes on a rack somewhere after they graduate or leave campus.  Other students forget they ever brought a bike to campus to begin with (!). These long-forgotten bikes clog the racks, especially at high-traffic rack areas like McKeldin Library, The Stamp, and near the Math and Engineering buildings.

How do we process bikes perceived to be abandoned?

  1. Bike is tagged with two week warning notice
  2. After two week have passed, the bike is collected by DOTS and stored our impound facility
  3. Bike is added to online database of impounded bikes, available online here: https://www.parking.umd.edu/bike
  4. Bike is held for 1 year and then donated to Mt Rainier Bicycle Coop or resold through Terrapin Trader

What does an abandoned bike look like? 

  1. Flat tires
  2. Rusty chain
  3. Laying on the ground
  4. Hasn’t been moved in several days
  5. Has missing or damaged components (seat, a wheel)
  6. Generally needs some TLC
  7. This


What can you do to help?

If you no longer want or need your bike please go to the DOTS website and fill out a Bike Relinquishment form, available online here: http://www.transportation.umd.edu/images/Green/PDFs/BikeRelinqueshmentForm.pdf.  We can then donate your bike to Mt Rainier Bicycle Coop (they repair or recycle the bikes for use by local community members) or resell your bike to the UMD campus community.

If your bike is tagged, but you’re still riding it, then it may be time for a tune up!

The Campus Bike Shop provides free service, and can get your bike back into working order in no time.  Just stop by the shop for a chain lube and some air in your tires.  They can also take care of more extensive repairs and teach you the skills to maintain your bike on your own.

Happy Biking!

-Valerie Goubeau and Michael Levengood

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2 Responses to What about those abandoned bikes?

  1. zf88 says:

    When I visited UC-Davis, I learned that they they have a used bike sale each fall for students to purchase restored used or abandoned bikes. Seems like a great idea. I wonder if we could do something similar here: http://taps.ucdavis.edu/bicycle/auctions/

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