Riggs Road Crossing

Many UMD bicycle commuters cross Riggs Road on or near Crosby or Erskine and continue on to Chapman Road which is the listed ‘bikeway’. This creates a challenge because the median blocks the crossing going east and Riggs Rd. is 40 mph and uphill going west. We have recently taken a few specific steps to improve this crossing.

#1 bikeUMD met with representatives from the State Highway Association (SHA) and Maryland Department of Transportation(MDOT). The crossing is scheduled for study. They will look at several available options to improve the area to include crosswalks and pedestrian count down signals. Please keep in mind that according to Prince Georges County Law, bicycles are not allowed on the sidewalks.

#2 We have contacted the Department of Natural Resources and Parks and Planning to determine if there might be an off-road trail solution through the utility property.

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One Response to Riggs Road Crossing

  1. Neil says:

    This seems an incomplete post at the moment. Please fix. I use this path regularly and the (uneven, littered) sidewalk is the safest place to be.

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