A cyclist is safest when they act like and are treated like a car.

How to get around campus safely on a bike!

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2 Responses to A cyclist is safest when they act like and are treated like a car.

  1. Neil says:

    The note about not passing on the left surprises me, because passing on the right seems dangerous given that car drivers are likely to move to the right without expecting to be passed there. TR Section 21-1205 permits leaving the right side of the road to pass a slower vehicle, and page 20 of the maryland biking laws pdf (posted on the transportation.umd.edu/bike.html site) also recommends passing on the left. Perhaps there’s more to the situation in mind, or it is a typo.

    Similarly, the notes about being without lights are weaker than I expected: it is required to have a headlight and rear reflector (TR section 21-1207), and I suppose recommended to have a tail light. The headlight is extremely important.

    The advice about lane placement for a left turn is necessarily incomplete (correct placement according to Forester is to the right side of a left-turn-only lane, to the left side of a left-and-straight lane) and might better be replaced by one of the following suggestions: (a) maintain your bike: inflate your tires, lubricate your chain, and check your brakes or (b) ride predictably: pick a place in your lane and try not to weave or swerve, remember to look.

    Nit: “advance turning” was likely meant to be “Advanced Turning”, both spelling and capitalization.

    Another relevant source might be:

  2. ianbrettcooper says:

    “Do not pass motorists on the left”???
    I thought that was the preferred method. It’s certainly legal to do so. I think maybe this is a typo – it should read “Do not pass motorists on the right” (although it’s also legal, it is unsafe).

    Also, the title of the blog post is misleading. Vehicular cycling does not expect cyclists to act like cars, but rather like the DRIVERS of cars. Acting like a car would be too silly.

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