Slow Speed Maneuvering

The bikeUMD slow speed maneuvering class will change the way you bike in less than one hour. I took this class myself last week and then commuted in the next day. I was able to bike along at walking speed behind strollers on the trail and get myself in and out of tight spaces in a much more deliberate way. The instructor, our bike coordinator John Brandt, teaches things that you never learned from your parents. The class begins with riding circles in a 12 foot box and then proceeds to the 9 foot s-curve that you see in the video. It is appropriate for anyone who can already ride a bike. It is indispensable for anyone who thinks they might encounter pedestrians or other tricky obstacles while they bike.

The next class is during the Share the Road Campaign and Bike Week the second week of April.

To sign up, contact Michael Levengood; Loaner bikes are available.

Courses such as Slow Speed Maneuvering and Gear Shifting are offered, free of charge, by bikeUMD to support a safe and confident bicycle commute to the University of Maryland.

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