Signage on campus

One of the 7 Bikes May Use Full Lane signs on campus.

We have received a few comments regarding signage on campus. You may already know that last year we installed 7 “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signs on campus from the current MUTCD guidelines.  This was a fabulous win for biking on campus. We requested 18 signs and were approved for the seven that you have seen. We are hoping to get approval for the other 11 by the end of this semester.

You may or may not have noticed that there isn’t much signage on campus at all. We have almost no way-finding but as I understand it, Facilities Management is working on a plan. I have not been able to determine who is on that committee of what their timeline is. In general, it is my understanding that signs are regarded as “visual pollution”.

At the State level they have worked to develop standard signage to would help to direct bicycle traffic from one location to the next. I see campus as developing similar signage, especially since we are so close the trails.

I would also like to see signs indicating visitor parking (for vehicles). I think that would reduce congestion and improve traffic flow which will ultimately make the roads safer for cyclists.

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One Response to Signage on campus

  1. Andy says:

    Definitely true about the visitor parking; visiting drivers often have no idea whatsoever about where visitor parking is. And when they ask pedestrians where a building is, we can tell them where it’s located, but they drive there and can’t park anywhere nearby.

    Another facet of signage, though, apart from the bicycle-full-lane-usage signs that people evidently find cluttering, are the stop signs; of these, UMD arguably has too many, considering the large cycling population. For the uncommonly large proportion of cyclists, many of the stop signs are unwarranted hindrances, and some of them even create unsafe situations for cyclists. I wonder if (and hope that) this will be addressed by the nebulous Facilities Management committee, though I have strong doubts.

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