Addressing cyclist’s concerns about lanes:

The 2010 commuter survey yielded the following result regarding what bicycle  improvements commuters want on campus.


We are working hard to get lanes on campus. When we get those lanes they will likely come along with pavement markings. We are also working to identify areas that can be transformed into multi-use pathways or separate trail facilities.

Places identified as potential multi-use pathways:

  • Chapel Field
  • East sidewalk by Comcast

Places identified as already wide enough for on-road lane markings:

  • Azalea Lane by the Metzerott exit
  • Regents Drive

Other areas on campus have been identified as appropriate for shared lane markings.


Money isn’t really the main challenge in these four areas. We are working to build support for bicycle lanes and a campus core that is friendly to non-motorized forms of transport. I believe that we the momentum is growing and that more people are looking to bikes as a way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce congestion on campus. Last year biking was included as part of the Facilities Master Plan update. This year we hired a bicycle coordinator. The League of American Bicyclists recognizes such actions as big steps towards making significant strides towards being bicycle friendly. Campus wants to be certain that such broad stroke changes will be beneficial to the campus as a whole.

What can you do to help?

Two words; register and participate. When you register your bike, we have a record of the growing demand for bicycle facilities on campus. The growth can be used to demonstrate why these facilities are necessary. Get your friends to register their bikes, ask them to participate in rallies and the Share the Road Fair in the spring. Use the Campus Bike Shop. Encourage your friends to take bike classes. Custom adventure clinics can be developed for you and your friends or classmates. If we can show an increase in demand for bicycle related classes or trips it only supports our cause.

Most importantly, ride responsibly. 88% of campus commuters never come by bike and many of them are the ultimate decision makers. Show them that encouraging more cyclists is a benefit to campus and not a detriment.

What are we doing in the meantime?

Meanwhile we are working to add more racks to campus in areas of high demand. In those areas where we cannot add racks we are coordinating the building managers to get them to consider bicycle facilities in every new project. We are advocating at the state and local level to improve facilities off campus and we are educating drivers and cyclists about sharing the road.

If you want more information about any of these programs, write our Bicycle Coordinator, John Brandt at

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One Response to Addressing cyclist’s concerns about lanes:

  1. Doug Arn says:

    It’s interesting to see that 88% of people don’t use a bike to commute! Maybe with gas prices getting higher, we might see this number reduce significantly!

    Thanks for putting up this survey!

    best regards,


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