bikeUMD awarded a student intern for Bike Valet

bikeUMD submitted a proposal to the Student Sustainability Committee to fund an intern to plan the implementation of bike valet services at Maryland Day. The Maryland Day implementation will be a pilot with the hopes of expanding the service to other large campus events.

Here is the note from the committee:

The Student Sustainability Committee discussed proposals for department sustainability internships last night, and I’m happy to tell you that we approved yours and will be providing funding to pay a student intern on your project!  We will be following up with more details about how exactly we will be giving you the money, as well as a few questions later in the spring to get feedback about your experience.

Thanks, and congratulations!

There are some universities that already provide this service:

Boise State University

For the September 30th College Football Game Day events on campus, Boise State University parking services offered valet bicycle parking within a fenced-off Bike Corral enclosing racks enough for 100 bikes. The racks overflowed; it is estimated that 300 bicyclists used the Corral on the game day. Based on that level of interest, the university now plans to fabricate more racks and to find larger spaces for Bike Corrals at upcoming football games and other large events on campus.

 There are also several cities and states that require bike corral services for events exceeding 1,000 anticipated attendees.

We haven’t heard from the committee yet regarding disbursement of funds and how we should proceed but I have some ideas for how the internship will be structured and what the expected deliverables will be. The intern would support the bike coordinator in developing the following materials:

  • Benchmark other universities who employ this type of bicycle parking.
  • Evaluation of temporary bike racks and vendors.
  • Analysis of location of temporary/event bicycle parking.
  • Analysis of recommended routes to and around campus.
  • Directions for event-goers who arrive by bike.
  • Marketing materials alerting event-goers to the availability of event specific bike parking.
  • Coordination with Special Events regarding appropriate car traffic flow around area designed for bikes.

The intern will also work with the existing DOTS special events team to integrate the bike valet planning into the planning for Maryland Day.

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