Bikes Be Bright

About 30 students received free Cat Eye bike lights at the Bikes Be Bright event this fall. In Maryland a white front light, visible from 500 feet is required if you are cycling after dark. That isn’t much because you can see a car’s headlights from 3,000 feet.

 This was a fun event because this Cat Eye light is so easy to install that you can do it with a thumbnail. I loved seeing students ride up in the shadows and ride away blinking. I truly felt like for them, I made a difference.

I got the idea for this event after I saw one of the student workers at the Center for Young Children ride away in dark clothing on an unlit Navy bike. She literally melted into the shadows. We had just “fallen back” with daylight savings and it really wasn’t that late but if I hadn’t been paying attention I wouldn’t have seen her at all.

I hope we can offer the same program every year.

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