Preliminary Results of the Commuter Survey Phase-I on Campus Bicycling

University of Maryland has conducted a Commuter Survey with the partnership of the Department of Transportation Services, the Office of Sustainability, and the Student Affairs Assessment Committee. The survey is conducted in two phases: Phase-I from February 26 to March 12, and Phase-II from April 20 to May 18. The survey is designed to understand (1) Existing commuting characteristics, (2) Existing program evaluation, (3) Potential program evaluation. Questions regarding the existing program evaluation included campus bicycle program.
We will highlight some facts and figures from the Phase-I of the survey on campus bicycling. We will periodically publish results from the survey.
We analyzed the data classifying the respondents based on their distance to/from campus (i.e on-campus, off-campus living within 5 mile of distance from campus) as well as their affiliation (i.e student or faculty-staff).

Part 1 : On-campus student bicycling behavior
4% of the students use bike 1-3 times a week and 3% use 4 or more times a week. When they are on campus though, the use of bicycling increase a little bit (87.50 % ) stated that they never or rarely bike on campus while 5.77% use bike 1-2 days a week and 2.88% 3 or more day a week. Of the students who does not bike to campus (answered never or rarely) 55.33 % walk to campus 4 or more times a week. However, 46.67 % of these respondents never or rarely ride bike or walk to/on campus despite the distance. 3.33 % of the students who never ride bike to campus drive to campus 4 or more days a week ( 7.77 % drives alone 1-3 or more times a week!).

Several students indicated why they started cycling this year.

The respondents also stated the most important campus bicycling facilities that the university should pursue as follows (1 being the most important):

They also valued the reasons that would make them give up their parking permits as follows (
3 being the highest weight, 1 being the least):

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