Locking A Bicycle

Speaking of bike racks, let’s go over how to properly lock a bicycle. When bikes are properly locked they are much less likely to be stolen.

Metal U-locks are also stronger than cable locks and much more of a deterrent to bicycle thieves.

You want to lock your bike by the front triangle of the frame (top tube, down tube, etc.) to something solid and secure, that cannot be easily broken or ungrounded; preferably a bike rack.  If possible, you should lock up your front wheel with the frame.  For whatever reason, thieves are much more likely to take the front wheel then the back so this is just another precaution.

You never want to lock just the wheel, wheels can be easily removed and thief can take the rest of your bike.

You never want to lock up the fork, front wheels are easily removed and then a thief can take your entire bike.

Cable locks through the wheels are never a bad idea either, especially when locking your bike in questionable areas or over long periods of time.

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One Response to Locking A Bicycle

  1. alex curtin says:

    Just to chime in – the UMCP police has statistics on bike theft that indicate that well over 90% of bike thefts are bikes that were not locked with a U-lock. Cable-only locks can be snipped with bolt cutters. U-locks are the only way to go. They are so good that many companies will have a registration program in place to reimburse you for some of your bike’s value in the event of theft.

    Never lock your bike to a park bench or short parking sign, etc. People will lift bikes/fixtures to loop the lock off whatever you locked it to.

    Finally, while front quick-release wheels are the easiest to steal, there has been a rash of theft of fixed-gear wheels – especially the colorful ones. This sad state of affairs has been brought on by the popularity of these parts outside the core cycling community. Colorful wheels now attract the attention of thieves that used to be clueless about fixies. Invest in locking skewers or run your lock through your wheels, and never leave your bike out overnight.

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