Spring biking at UMCP

Spring has sprung on campus, I hope you are ready to ride.

We have a beautiful campus for biking. Speed limits are 20 miles an hour, drain grates have been updated to be safe for bike tires and cyclists have access to the Campus Bike Shop. (For more info on the bike shop, click here)

March 22 – Free U-Lock with new bicycle registration for first 100 registrants.

April 5th – Share the Road Campaign Bicycle Fair
Free bike fittings
Free helmets
Free helmet fittings
Free tune-ups

April 5th – Bicycle Films at Hoff

April 9th – Bicycle Rally
Ride with a group
Learn the best ways to get on and off campus, how to shop on your bike and other tips for cycling in our area.
Have fun! Ride ends at Bentley’s.

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4 Responses to Spring biking at UMCP

  1. Eli says:

    You know Potomac Peders does group rides in the area, right?

    • bikeumd says:

      No, I didn’t know. Thank you for sharing the information and the link.

      • Eli says:

        Maybe have some more permenent page that describe all the group rides in the area with links to the web sites of the group and what type of rides they do (road, mtb, leasurly social ,…)?

        Some students and grad students have cars so they may be interested in PPTC or Oxen Hill (http://www.ohbike.org/) rides. Others may want to take the metro into DC and go on rides there like the ones hosted by the Bike Rack (http://www.bikerackdc.com/ and easy to get to from the green line by getting off at Howard) I just do road biking but I’m sure there are mountain biking groups around too.

        May help encorage more people to go out biking and maybe have more local group rides

  2. Eli says:


    Wed afternoons at Ivy lane in Greenbelt:

    Friday morning from Buddy Attic Park in Greenbelt

    And weekend rides in the area at times. (more details on their web site)

    Mostly aimed at road cyclists (although still possible to go fast enough on a hybrid)

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