TIGER bike sharing grant application was not selected.

bikeUMD signed on with several regional entities for a USDOT grant to fund bike-sharing equiptment. Our project was not selected for funding. Paul DeMaio wrote the following to grant supporters:

As you may have already heard, our TIGER grant application for bike-sharing equipment was not selected by the USDOT. I understand that our grant application was strong, however, did not generate enough jobs to warrant this round of stimulus funding. The Transportation Planning Board and Arlington County will monitor future grant opportunities and would like your support on those as well. While we didn’t receive funding this time around, the silver lining is that this process was immensely helpful in quantifying bike-sharing’s economic, air quality, and other benefits and the regional interest for bike-sharing was much greater than we expected.

We will continue to work to get bike sharing on the University of Maryland Flagship campus.

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One Response to TIGER bike sharing grant application was not selected.

  1. Sevgi says:

    For more background information and to learn more about what is going on in the planning side check:

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