Local data on why cycling is safer.

The Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Problem

In 2007, 4,654 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States — a decrease of 13 percent from the 5,321 pedestrians killed in 1997. 70,000 pedestrians were injured.
Nationally, pedestrians account for 11% of motor vehicle deaths, with urban areas having higher fatality rates than rural areas. 698 bicyclists were also were also killed in 2007, accounting for an additional 2 percent of all traffic fatalities.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that a pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash almost every two hours and injured in a traffic crash every 8 minutes on our nation’s roadways.
Pedestrian fatality and injury rates in the greater Washington, DC region are typical for a major urbanized area, but still high in proportion to the number of pedestrian trips. Approximately 2700 pedestrians and bicyclists are injured every year in the Washington region, and eighty-nine are killed. Pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities accounted for23% of the total traffic fatalities in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and northern Virginia from 2004-2008.
Overall traffic fatality and injury rates have decreased in recent years in the Washington region, but pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities have remained high.

For the whole post go to the source website: http://www.mwcog.org/streetsmart/

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