Commuting from University Park

University Park is a popular housing location for UMD faculty and staff. Many of those staff members commute onto campus by bicycle. The transition from UP, up route 1 and into campus offers some distinct challenges. Is there anyone with tips for a safe commute or suggestions to offer for advocacy projects to make this connection easier?

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One Response to Commuting from University Park

  1. Fish says:

    I live on the South side of the University Park. I can somehow avoid biking in Route 1 by biking in the University Park local streets, which are much safer. But I have to bike on Route 1 in between the Executive Building (7100 Baltimore Ave) and Lehigh Road. I hate it, because I have to bike on the sidewalk. Otherwise, I am almost 100% sure that I will be ran off by cars.
    My suggestion is, maybe like the neighborhood streets of the NIH (in Bethesda), where they designated the sidewalk as a shared path between bikes and pedestrians. I don’t think I can bike safely on Route 1 if I have to share the road with some potentially speeding drivers.
    Also, in the past few weeks, the unincorporated area of Route 1, which is between the Executive Building and the Exxon Station, had whole bunch of snow on the sidewalk. I called the College Park Public Work and they said that part of the sidewalk belongs to the University Park, while the Road belongs to the State/ PG County. It seems that there have been confusion over the boundaries on Route 1. Until the issue of where belongs to whom gets resolved, I can’t see any future in having a safer way to bike from University Park to campus.

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